7 dog breeds that are famous for their affectionate personalities!

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Illustration : "7 dog breeds that are famous for their affectionate personalities!"

Who doesn't love it when their dog comes up and throws itself into your arms?

For your 4-legged friend, you are the centre of their world and their dearest friend. Dogs show their love in different ways; a cuddle, a wide-eyed look or maybe even a 'present' placed at your feet. Snuggling up is a sure sign of affection.

Your dog is showering you with love and offering their protection. Most dogs are loving towards their owners, but if you want to adopt one that takes cuddle time to another level, then choose one of the breeds on this list:

1. The Golden Retriever

One of the most social dogs, Golden Retrievers love being by their owners' sides. They are fun, friendly and extremely affectionate.

2. The Brussels Griffon

This breed loves human company and is very playful. A great choice for a family with children.

3. The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

This breed was raised to be pets, which explains their constant loyalty and love. Super-sweet, ultra-friendly pooches!

4. The Staffordshire Bull Terrier

A very affectionate and social breed. These dogs snuggle, cuddle and cover their owners with sloppy kisses.

5. The Curly Bichon

With a playful temperament and generous nature, this breed loves being with their owner. If left alone for a long time they can suffer from separation anxiety.

6. The Labrador Retriever

Their gentle temperament and love of children has made this breed one of the most popular in the world. The Labrador Retriever also gets on really well with other animals.

7. The Great Dane

A big breed that's also extremely loving. Social and affectionate, they love a good hug.

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