5 ways your dog will show you how much it loves you

Posted on 11/03/2019 à 11h55

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Illustration : "5 ways your dog will show you how much it loves you"

Dogs show their feelings towards their owners in a number of ways.

You probably know that your dog loves you, but you may not be aware of ceratin patterns of behaviour that confirm their feeling towards their owners.

Here are 5 surprising ways that dogs express their love:

1. Your dog taps you with its paw

Dogs will gently tap their owners to show their affection and to get a cuddle back. They also do this when they're feeling anxious and need some reassurance. However they do this, it's a sure sign of love and trust.

2. Licking your face

LIcks are canine kisses to show us that we're loved by our pooches. They're also a sign of submission.

3. Bringing you their favourite toy

You may think your dog brings you its favourite toy because it wants to play. However, this is also a sign of love and trust, as the dog is presenting you with an object he or she holds dear. Playing with him or her is the reward they expect, after having entrusted you with their favourite toy.

4. Raising their left eyebrow

A recent Japanese study showed that dogs raise their left eyebrows when they see their favourite person.

5. Sleeping next to you

Even though dogs are often not allowed on beds, they love sleeping next to their owners - it's a way to show you how special you are!

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