6 tips to make sure your dog doesn't feel stressed out when left home alone

Here are 6 useful tips that will help your dog to feel less stressed when it's left alone for long periods of time.

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Being left on its own for a long time can make a dog become so bored that it becomes aggressive or, in some cases, very depressed. As dog owners, it's up to us to make sure they can deal with being on their own without any ensuing chaos.

1. Stay calm when you leave

Slowly prepare your departure - keep calm, don't furiously rush around. Don't be overly emotional and don't do anything that could excite your dog.

2. Begin with short absences

Dogs need time to get used to their owner's absence. Start by going out for a few minutes and then gradually increase the time.

3. Create a safe space

There should be an area in the house where your dog feels safe. Most dogs like a space that's small, comfy and secluded.

4. Avoid punishments

If you arrive home to find chaos, keep your temper in check and don't tell off your dog. Punishing your dog because it became bored won't change its future behaviour.

5. Exercise

Taking your dog for a walk or playing with it before you leave will let your pooch use up some energy. It will be less inclined to destroy things in order to keep itself amused while you're away.

6. Toys

Make sure your dog has toys to play with, even if it's an old T-shirt or two!

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