16 photos that will make anyone fall in love with German Shepherds!

If you're a fan of German Shepherds (or indeed dogs in general) then check out these impossibly adorable 16 photos! And if you don't know much about the breed, then prepare to have your heart melted...

Illustration : "16 photos that will make anyone fall in love with German Shepherds!"

German Shepherds are a common breed. They're known for their intelligence, courage, loyalty and sensitivity. As with Belgian Shepherds (AKA Malinois), they make great family pets and are the go-to K9 when it comes to law enforcement, military deployments, rescue services, etc.

German Shepherds are ideal companions for all members of the family, from tiny tots to grandparents. They can also be really cheeky, which only adds to their charm!

And that's what makes these 16 photos so cute - each one will make you love German Shepherds even more...

1. Autumnal walk

2. Because we all need to recharge our batteries at the end of a busy day!

3. There is no such thing as too many toys!

4. Just helping to keep the garden tidy!

5. German Shepherds know how to strike a pose!

6. This pup's going to need a good bath!

7. Saying goodbye to their owner when they leave for work

8. No one likes trips to the vet's

9. "Admire my beauty..."

10. It can't get cuter than this!

11. An ideal baby sitter

12. Those ears!

13. German Shepherds are loving and tender

14. But when it's time to play...

15. It's all in the eyes

16. What's cuter than a German Shepherd? A crate of German Shepherd puppies!

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