This abandoned dog wouldn't let anyone approach her until the day she made a new friend

Even the most timid and aggressive dog can become sociable once they're given the time to get back their self-confidence. And Zelda is the perfect example.

Illustration : "This abandoned dog wouldn't let anyone approach her until the day she made a new friend"

Last September, staff at the Pet And Wildlife Rescue (PAW) shelter in Chatham-Kent, Canada, found an abandoned dog in front of their door. As reported by I Heart Dogs she was tied to a pole, covered in fleas and extremely malnourished.

One of the employees tried to untie her, but she became extremely aggressive. After several attempts they managed to release her and take her indoors so that they could look after her. The poor dog, however, remained particularly suspicious and agressive every time someone tried to approach her. Little by little, she began to get used to the shelter's employees and after a few days they were finally able to touch her and give her a flea treatment.

They decided it would be a good idea to introduce her to another dog and it was then that her behaviour completely changed. Newly named Zelda by the PAW staff, she suddenly became a lot friendlier, so much so that one of the team members, Chantelle Kuhn, decided to give her a foster home.

Her family already had 2 dogs and Zelda immediately gone on really well with them. But it still took a bit of time before she was completely at ease with Chantelle and her partner. Fortunately, their patience paid off; today, Zelda’s nicely settled in and has become extremely affectionate.

Zelda just needed a little time and lots of love...

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