When home alone, this dog comforts herself in the cutest possible way

Posted on 09/12/2018 à 18h12

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Illustration : "When home alone, this dog comforts herself in the cutest possible way" © Justin Grosjean via Instagram

How often have you heard of dogs destroying shoes or furniture when they're left up to their own devices at home? Well, meet Luna, a dog with a difference! This adorable pooch has never once ripped her owner's shoes to shreds... And for a good reason too: his shoes are actually her comforters!

Luna, a Bull Terrier, and her owner Justin Grosjean are as close as a human and animal can get.

Once upon a time Luna almost died due to an illness called 'autoimmune hemolytic anaemia' (AHA). It's a disorder where the immune system mistakenly destroys red blood cells. A serious, life-threatening illness.

But there was no way Justin was going to give up the fight. It took a year of heavy and expensive treatments to get Luna back on her paws. And the process only strengthed the bond they shared.

Today, Luna 's in tip top health and loves spending time with her family - in particular Justin!

Even so, Justin needs to earn a living and when left alone, Luna comforts herself by snuggling against his shoes!


One weekend, Justin's family went away and he found himself alone with Luna. He popped out to the shops and when he got home he discovered that Luna had made a 'shoe nest' by her basket.

He managed to immortalise the moment and share the photo on Reddit. His snap quickly went viral.

The reaction prompted Justin to open an Instagram account dedicated to his dog. He publishes adorable photos every day!

A lot of his shots show how loving and protective Luna is towards Justin's kids!

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