California forest fires: this dog spent a month in front of his home waiting for his owners to return

Dogs are known for their loyalty and Madison's story is proof enough. This amazing dog spent a month waiting by his home for his owners to return after their house was engulfed in flames. During this time, a volunteer brought him food and water so that he could survive the ordeal.

Illustration : "California forest fires: this dog spent a month in front of his home waiting for his owners to return"

The heroic and moving story of Madison was reported on the K9 Paw Print Rescue organisation's Facebook page, as witnessed by a volunteer named Shayla Sullivan. Every day, she'd bring the dog food and water.

Madison’s family had to flee their home in Northern California when it was threatened by the huge forest fires. Sadly, they didn't have time to rescue their dog.

For almost a month, Madison stayed at the scene. He managed to escape the flames, but remained close to the property, which was destroyed by the fire. He didn't wander off and patiently waited for his family to return.

As for his owners, they had to wait for the authorities' permission before returning home. As soon as they were allowed back to the scene, they found their faithful 4-legged friend alive and well, thanks to Shayla Sullivan.

The series of wildfires in northern California began last July. The 2 main fires were the Carr and Mendocino Complex Fires. They resumed again in November because of the strong winds that swept through the area, giving birth to the Woolsey Fire and the one that affected Madison - the Camp Fire. These fires claimed dozens of victims, both human and animal, and have destroyed huge forest areas alongside a large number of buildings and services.

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