15 facts that all Australian Shepherd owners know only too well

Affectionate, bursting with energy, curious and very playful, the Australian Shepherd is the ideal canine companion for all members of the family.

Illustration : "15 facts that all Australian Shepherd owners know only too well"

Contrary to what its name would suggest, the Australian Shepherd was not originally bred in Australia, but rather in the United States. American farmers cross bred various breeds to get dogs that could herd their animals. In other words, dogs that were intelligent and obedient and could endure the hardships of being a working dog.

Today, the Australian Shepherd has become one of the most popular pets in the canine world. They're great with kids, who in turn love their loyalty and playful side.

Here are 15 facts that Australian Shepherd owners know only too well...

1. They're extremely agile

2. When they want a snack, you'll have a hard time saying "No"!

3. And if you do, they'll just fix you with their cutest stare...

4. They're impossibly adorable when they nod off...

5. Did we mention 'bursting with energy'?

6. There's always time to have fun, particularly when it's with a pal!

7. And if water's involved, all the better!

8. They're both tender and loving

9. They tend to be wary of strangers until they're sure the person is ok

10. The more, the merrier!

11. They love getting up to mischief

12. And showing off their destructive skills!

13. But they also know we'll forgive them every time!

14. Being natural jokers, they've refined the art of looking innocent!

15. They have a LOT of love to give!


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    Guest wrote: 13/04/19

    I have 2 1/2 Mini Aussie, 1/2 Pembroke Welsh Corgi and they are amazing dogs!! Smart, loyal, loving....the list goes on and on. If i ever got another puppy, it would be a mini aussie.

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    Guest wrote: 15/04/19

    Right on

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