A dog that was furious with its owner only wanted to hear these 2 words (video)

"Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word", sang Elton John in one of his biggest hits. Ralphie the dog was apparently in complete agreement with the rock star, although in his case you could replace "Hardest" with "Sweetest".

Illustration : "A dog that was furious with its owner only wanted to hear these 2 words (video)"

Bee and her husband Josh have 4 sons. Some time ago, the couple decided to adopt a dog. They were looking for a child-friendly four-legged friend who'd fit in with their large family. They fell for a brown Newfoundland puppy who they christened Ralphie.

The puppy quickly became Bee and Josh's fifth child, albeit a furry one! According to an Animal Channel report, the pup was the most affectionate of them all. Then along came another adopted dog, this time a black Newfoundland. They called him The Boss. The two dogs got on amazingly well and began to enjoy plenty of adventures during their walks in Dakota and Massachusetts.

But back to Ralphie, as he's the one behind this extremely touching video! As you'll see, the Newfoundland starts off looking really rattled by something... He's clearly annoyed with his 'mum'. You can see Ralphie looking straight ahead and ignore Bee when she starts to ask him what's wrong. She asks him if he's angry with her and if she'd done something to upset him.

At which point the pooch reacts and gives her his hardest stare! It's obvious she's in trouble... And then Bee says the magic words that Ralphie seems to have been waiting for all along: "I'm sorry."

That's all he wanted to hear from his mum. You can then see him look straight at her, but in a different fashion. It's as if he's looking for a deep connection with her. A deep connection that's confirmed when he climbs onto her lap and gives her a big 'dog hug'!

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