A 6 month-old puppy that was saved thanks to social networks

Thanks to social networks, a 6 month-old puppy was rescued from a filthy house where it had been neglected by its owners. The admin of a Facebook page contacted the local police who set out to investigate.

Illustration : "A 6 month-old puppy that was saved thanks to social networks"

The proof was in a horrifying 7-second video posted on Facebook by a resident of Pithiviers, in Loiret, France; it quickly went viral and before the poster knew it, people around the world decided to take action. The 7-second video was shot by a passerby and shows an American Staffordshire Terrier living in atrocious conditions.

The next morning the admin of the "Pithiviers, our city", Facebook page shared the video along with a post in French explaining that the police had been informed as this pup was seen living in an excrement-covered environment.

The puppy was rescued and sent to an SPA (a French animal rescue charity) refuge.

A France 3, journalist who was on the scene following the Facebook post said that around 10am the police showed up looking for the house where the puppy had been spotted. The journalist was interviewing the passerby who took the video when the police arrived. The police couldn't find the address, so fortunately the journalist was able to point it out.

The police managed to trace the owners, who admitted that they were out of their depth with regards to caring for the dog, a 6 month-old pup called Oréo. The owners are currently being prosecuted for maltreatment of their former pet. The admin of the Facebook page has since praised the phenomenal job done by the local police. The puppy is currently being cared for at the Chilleurs aux bois SPA and once the vets have got him back to full health, he will be ready to find a good forever home.

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