A man was attacked by the shelter dog he planned to adopt. His reaction surprised everyone!

Posted on 30/10/2018 à 22h08

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Illustration : "A man was attacked by the shelter dog he planned to adopt. His reaction surprised everyone!" © Capture d'écran YouTube

One day a couple went to a rescue shelter where they planned to adopt a dog. The dog in question was a Pitbull and he was, unfortunately, really aggressive towards the man. Things were not getting off to a good start...

Manny and Ina already had a dog called Charli, but they were thinking about adopting a second pooch. They headed off to a local shelter and were immediately drawn to a Pitbull. The shelter team knew that it wouldn't be an easy ride, as the dog wasn't the most docile of animals in their care. Pablo 's behaviour only confirmed their fears. When Manny approached him, he started to snarl before things got really nasty. Pablo violently attacked and shredded Manny's jacket sleeve .

Manny was admittedly surprised, but that didn't put him off. To the surprise of the shelter staff, he explained that this made him even more determined to adopt Pablo. Even though Pablo was on the verge of inflicting a terrible injury, Manny reacted differently from most people in the same situation.

The Dodo posted this video of their story. In fact, Manny and Ina thought they were probably Pablo's last chance of being adopted. No one else was going to want a dog that had been so aggressive. But for Manny, it was out of the question that Pablo end his life at the shelter. The couple officially adopted Pablo, knowing full well that they had an uphill struggle ahead! As things turned out, it was well worth the effort.

Manny and Ina took him to the vet’s where x-rays showed that the Pitbull bore the signs of a violent blow to his face dating back to his puppy years. His new dad immediately understood why Pablo was so scared of humans... All this dog needed was time and affection to rebuild his confidence in people.

Slowly but surely Pablo settled in and began to trust his new owners. He saw how Manny and Ina showered Charli with love and kindness. It was as if he too wanted his share of kindness and had everything to gain by trusting these two wonderful people. And their magic touch had the right effect. The video shows how much Pablo has changed; you can see his owners touch his muzzle (something previously unthinkable), hold him in their arms and pet him without showing any signs of animosity. As for Pablo, he began to love their tenderness and was soon asking for more.

The lesson from this touching tale is that a lot of aggressive dogs simply need to be understood and given time to overcome their trauma. With just a little patience they'll give you all the love in the world...

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