19 photos that prove cats are the best remedy if you have the blues

Illustration : "19 photos that prove cats are the best remedy if you have the blues"

We can always rely on our cats if we need cheering up and these photos are proof enough!

Are you feeling down? If you have a cat, then this shouldn't last too long.

Your feline friend will certainly find a way to put the smile back on your face, even if it doesn't realise it!

Here are 19 photos of cats guaranteed to brighten your day and lift your spirits...

1. An annoyed kitten that's cuteness overload

2. Feline sign language

3. When napping cats look like the Sistine Chapel's "Creation of Adam"

4. When whiskers become glasses

5. What could be more adorable than a kitten playing in its food bowl

6. An almost identical mother and kitten

7. It's rare, but some cats do love baths. And rubber ducks.

8. One super-fluffy feline

9. A Siamese with incredible eyes gets ready to pounce

10. A Bengal rainbow

11. When your cat finds your tin of glitter

12. Giving itself a huge hug

13. Checking out what's going on

14. Look at that coat!

15. This one has his own Iron Throne

16. True love

17. Those eyes!

18. When the neighbour's cat takes over a pillow that fell from your window

19. This boy's planning to take the cat to school

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