20 snaps that prove how crazy cats can be

As any cat-lover will tell you, it's felines' quirky side that makes them such fun pets, but what goes on in their minds remains a mystery as proved by these 22 adorable and funny photos!

Illustration : "20 snaps that prove how crazy cats can be"

Everyone knows that cats are incredibly independent and often have strong personalities. We love them for their kooky side, despite the chaos they create. At the same time, there's a whacky theory that cats are actually hyper-intelligent robots and once you've browsed through these 22 photos, you may well agree!

1. Cat co-operation

2. Because paws are more comfy than cushions

3. Gravity-defying dance routine

4. When you have no idea what your cat's staring at

5. Never wake up a sleeping cat

6. Because clothes hangers are chewy

7. A cat being typically bendy

8. Cats like to make things complicated

9. And stretch...

10. Just having a nice cold drink

11. When your cat finds your keyboard fascinating

12. "What you lookin' at?"

13. When a cat discovers grass for the first time

14. At one with nature

15. When your cat realises its plan for world domination has been foiled

16. Nowhere is off limits!

17. Now just to get down...

18. Now you see him, now you don't!

19. Ever tried cat yoga?

20. Maybe's this cat's planning to prepare dinner?

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