20 people who claimed they didn't like cats, only to find themselves adopting one!

Cats, you either love ‘em or hate ‘em. Or at least that’s what some people say when they declare that our feline friends are not for them! But that’s not taking into account the way that cats often decide who they want to adopt as their owner and try as you might, a determined kitty will cutely slink its way into your life!

Illustration : "20 people who claimed they didn't like cats, only to find themselves adopting one!"

With their quirky ways and cuddly nature, even the most hardened person can have a tough time resisting their charm, as the following selection proves!

So what about you? Are you a cat person and which one of these adorable kitties gets your vote?

1. Doing his best not to cuddle the new arrival

2. "My boyfriend says he doesn't like cats... I beg to differ!"

3. When two become one!

4. "My dad always claimed he doesn't like cats..."

5. Could you resist this ball of fur?

6. "14 years ago, my dad announced that he doesn't like cats."

7. Blue-eyed boy!

8. "I didn't want a cat, but my wife did. We reached a compromise by adopting 5!"

9. Enjoying a cat nap

10. Yup, your dislike of cats really shows!

11. When the new kitten steals your heart

12. Cats love snuggling against necks!

13. He didn't want a cat...

14. Cuteness overload!

15. "I couldn't help it... He won me over!"

16. "Proof that my dad hates cats."

17. Personally we'd rather play with the kitten...

18. When you find your cat-hating wife like this!

19. A week after he said he'd never adopt a cat!

20. "OK, I love you too!"

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