6 of the most popular breeds of large domesticated cats

We love all cats, whatever their size or shape, but some larger breeds are particularly popular as pets. So, if you love moggies, then read on...

Illustration : "6 of the most popular breeds of large domesticated cats"

There are several breeds of cats that are known for their imposing size. Here's a closer look at 6 of them.

Although most of these breeds can be found in households across the world, others are rarer, but still worthy of joining our Big Feline Hall of Fame.

So, are you ready to learn more about these stunning felines?

1. The Savannah

A serval/domestic cat hybrid, the Savannah is one of the largest cats, weighing up to 14 kg and measuring 45 cm in length.

They are affectionate and sociable. As very active cats, they need homes with a lot of space.

2. The Norwegian

Norwegians are the tough guys of the feline world. Originally, as the name implies, from Norwegian forest areas, they can handle the harshest of weather conditions. So, it's no coincidence that this breed was one of the first to be domesticated by the Vikings.

Although rather solitary, they make gentle and faithful pets. They are particularly good with kids.

An adult Norwegian cat weighs up to 7 kg and can reach 35 cm in length.

3. The Turkish Van

Native to Turkey, this cat is not common in Europe. Cat-owners love their assertiveness, independence and loyalty. Van Turks have a particularity: they love water!

This big breed can measure up to 30 cm.

4. The Siberian

The Siberian has retained much of its hunting instinct. These imposing cats (up to 10 kg and 35 cm), are sociable, affectionate and incredibly vivacious. They tend to get on well with other animals, as well as with children.

5. The Ragdoll

Ragdolls love the warmth and comfort of a good home. Cuddly and sociable, they're great with kids.

This breed can weigh up to 9 kg and measure 38 cm.

6. The Maine Coon

The biggest of the bunch... Maine Coons can grow to more than a metre long! Some reach more than 120 cm and weigh a dozen kilos.

Children love Maine Coons and this breed loves kids in return. They generally get along well with other cats (and animals in general).

In terms of favourite breeds, these guys are in the Top 5 the world over.

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