20 photos of sleeping cats that are guaranteed to make you smile

Posted on 19/02/2019 à 14h31

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Illustration : "20 photos of sleeping cats that are guaranteed to make you smile"

Feeling down? Then check out these photos and get back your feelgood factor!

We all go through tough times. It's part and parcel of life. The great thing about cats is their ability to make us feel better.

From their cute faces to crazy behaviour, our furry felines certainly know how to cheer us up. And they are particularly cute when they sleep.

So, if you have the blues, browse through these 20 photos of sleeping cats that are guaranteed to put a smile back on your face!

1. The end of a long day at Cat School

2. When your cat prevents your husband from getting into bed

3. A pre-nap stretch

4. If it fits...

5. This kitten needs to learn that it should never fall asleep at its crime scene

6. Cats are know for sleeping in the weirdest of places

7. And sleeping in the weirdest of positions too!

8. A kitten that loves films

9. Cat meets window box

10. When their tongues hang out...

11. Like father, like son

12. She just can't take any more!

13. Doing yoga while sleeping

14. He's having sweet dreams

15. Nice and cosy!

16. Yes, cats love cardboard boxes

17. A vineyard cat... Wonder if he likes the odd glass of wine?

18. Who says they should only be used for feeding?

19. Guarding the ramparts... Well, sort of...

20. DIY bed

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