25 hilarious cat photos that will have you in stiches

As any cat-lover will tell you, our feline friends are extremely intelligent creatures. But that doesn't stop them from getting up to all sorts of mischief or behaving in a totally incomprehensible manner! Don't believe us? Then check out this hilarious selection of 25 photos that prove cat logic is a law unto itself!

Illustration : "25 hilarious cat photos that will have you in stiches"

If one thing's for sure, cats' imaginations know no bounds when it comes to dealing with certain situations...

1. Stuck in a sleeve

Source: Massivebereavment

An internet user posted this photo of his cat... He'd left his suit on the floor and when he got home, he found his poor kitty had crawled up and got stuck in the sleeve!

2. A memorable present

Source: MyCatIsFamous

Some cats give their owners mice or insects... This cat, however, prefers to hunt tea bags!

3. When a cat decides to climb a tree

If you have a cat, you may well have had times when it climbed a tree, but didn't know how to get down... Even so, to get stuck in this position takes some doing! Its owners decided to immortalize the moment before rescuing their feline friend!

4. Just hanging from the shower rail

Source: Fastandfury

How on Earth did this moggie manage to get here?

5. A relaxing meal

Source: Lilred181

Some cats crouch over their bowl, others prefer their favourite yoga pose

6. Stuck outside…

Source: Legaheroe

This cat's owner heard his pet meowing to be let in... Except that the door wasn't shut!

7. The Egyptian look

Source: Hardin314

Avez-vous un animal de compagnie ?

This cat got its head stuck in jar... When he arrived at the vet's, it looked like he was sporting an Egyptian collar!

8. It's a tospy turvy world

Source: RespectMyAuthoritey

Kittens love exploring, particularly when it comes squeezing themselves in between sofa cushions

9. "I will succeed!"

Source: Flylikeamouse

Cats adore feathers and this one can't wait to show off its latest catch... We reckon it might take him a while!

10. Food, glorious food

Source: Catpuccinoz

Kittens and food... They don't care for table manners when it's time to eat!

11. When a seat becomes a parasol

Source: Thefoxsay

You can buy the swankiest of beds, but don't expect your cat to use it!

12. What is it with cats and doors?

Source: PI3Monkeytaco

Yep, you got it... Another cat that's convinced he's behind a closed door!

13. Glug, glug, glug

Source: KingKongRS7

Running taps are also a favourite, although taking a shower at the same time seems a bit radical!

14. Curiosity killed the cat

Source: Something_Something1

Or, in this case, left its head stuck in a box of tissues!

15. Caught having a nap

Source: Catdumb

What would you do? Leave him there, help him down or just pretend you didn't see him?

16. Oh so tired...

Source: Volx

It's amazing how cats can manage to nap in the strangest of places...

17. Cat attack!

Source: Camelmilk

Because watermelons are foes that must be vanquished!

18. Cats and their sleeping habits...

Source: Anyboozwilldo

When a dustpan is more inviting than a soft bed...

19. A secret drinker

Source: Dabumbas

This cat only drinks its water by hiding under this chest of drawers and dipping its paw in the bowl!

20. Spoilt for choice

Source: Josahnders84

When a cat can't decide which bed is best, so goes for the middle option!

21. He's going to regret this!

Source: Dittidot

We hope its owner didn't take a long soak!

22. Going, going, gone!

Source: Big_L_21

This moggie fell asleep on the back of the sofa and didn't wake up as he began to slide down behind the cushions!

23. Someone please help!

Source: Ausfez

We wonder how long he was stuck there before his owner found him!

24. A set up or did this cat really manage to clamber into this bag?

Source: Betasynn

We suspect this is a set up, but who knows? Cats are known for finding weird hidey holes!

25. The hunting instinct

Source: Imgur

When a kitten sees a goldfish for the first time!

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