A brave cat foils a kidnap attempt!

A cat that lives with its owner in a sleepy part of Lincoln, USA was hanging out on the porch when a teenager tried to kidnap him. The owner, alerted by his surveillance cameras, subsequently filed a complaint and luckily the young woman in question was tracked down by the police.

Illustration : "A brave cat foils a kidnap attempt!"

A cat thief was known to be scouring the Lincoln area of Nebraska (USA). Local cat owners were therefore already on full alert! And Samuel Forest Evertson believed that fate came into play that day.

In early May 2018, his 8 year-old cat Mo fancied a breath of fresh air and headed out to the porch. Mo is generally an indoor cat, but does like the occasional taste of freedom. Like us humans, cats also love to check out the world!

But on this day a young woman decided to approach Mo. She held out her hand and Mo, being a curious cat, responded to her friendly gesture only to find himself being snatched! Fortunately, Mo broke free from her grip and, despite being in shock, raced back to the porch. Meanwhile, the young woman lept into the back of a car and fled.

This experience has made Mo more wary.

Fortunately Evertson managed to catch the scene on his home security cameras! He gave The Dodo an update on Mo: "He can be feisty, he's pretty strong. He's fine, but he's definitely more timid now, because he doesn't like being held.”

But despite the trauma, Evertson's alarming footage led to a happy ending. He filed a complaint with the local police and after a quick investigation, they arrested a 17 year-old teenager, who was identified thanks to the surveillance footage. She's currently awaiting trial, so let’s hope this catnapping case is now closed!

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