Meet the heroic cat that saved it's owner's life when he suffered a heart attack!

Cats forge close bonds with their human families and this kitty saved the life of her much-loved owner! Kirk suffered a heart attack at 4am and owes his life to Shotzie, who ran into the bedroom, pounced on the bed and loudly howled in order to wake up Kirk's wife.

Illustration : "Meet the heroic cat that saved it's owner's life when he suffered a heart attack!"

This American man owes his life to the quick actions of his loyal cat! Pets are often man's best friend and an event at the end of March 2018 is proof enough!

Kirk, an American from Oklahoma, got up as usual at 4am and started to get ready for work. Except that morning something went seriously wrong. According CNews, he suddenly suffered a heart attack that caused him to fall back and hit the ground. His wife meanwhile was still fast asleep in bed.

"He let out the biggest roar"

Thankfully, 'someone' else in the house was already up and about. Her name is Shotzie and she's Kirk's beloved cat. As with most pets, she was attached to her owner, so when Shotzi witnessed Kirk's heart attack, she immediately raced into the bedroom in order to wake up Kirk's wife!

Her cries did the trick. Kirk's son-in-law confirmed that she let out the biggest roar. The noise woke Kirk's wife who leaped out of bed and on seeing Kirk immediately called the emergency services. The paramedics arrived in time to get him to hospital, where doctors managed to save him! Kirk owes his life to his quick-thinking kitty and although Shotzie was never the most tactile of cats, she's certainly become the pride and joy of her human family!

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