16 adorable photos of dogs with their mini-me's

Little riddle: what's cuter than a photo of a dog? Answer: a photo of a dog with their puppy! These 16 adorable snaps show adult dogs next to their offspring - identical, mini-me versions.

Illustration : "16 adorable photos of dogs with their mini-me's"

Sometimes we just have to look at our dogs in order to feel happy and serene... And if you need some cuteness overload, then check out these 16 photos.

A selection of dogs showing off their puppies and each one is as sweet as the next. What's more, these pups are virtually identical to their parents and some of them even seem to copy their poses, making these shots even more touching.

Nothing short of magic...

1. These 2 Labradors

2. A tender moment

3. Like father, like son

4. We love this Pitbull mum and her pup

5. A proud British Bulldog presents her puppy

6. Two gorgeous Siberian Huskies

7. Nothing like a good nap

8. A Shar-Pei family

9. Two cuter than cute German Shepherds

10. Another adorable shot!

11. Look at these Golden Retrievers' big-eyed stare

12. Husky mum and her puppy

13. A female Cane Corso watches over her brood

14. Dad, mum and baby Husky

15. A mother's love

16. You can't get more fluffy than this Chow Chow family

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