19 photos of cats and dogs proudly showing off their litters

Cats and dogs can be just as proud as humans when it comes to showing off their babies.

Illustration : "19 photos of cats and dogs proudly showing off their litters"

Giving birth is an incredible yet intense experience. And showing off our offspring is part of the delight. So there's no reason to assume it's any different for our four-legged friends .

If you need convincing, just check out these 19 photos showing dogs and cats with their adorable litters…

1. A Welsh Corgi Pembroke and her sleepy little one

2. This adorable French Bulldog puppy with his mum in the background

3. A Siamese and her 6 kittens after they had a good wash

4. Healthy, well-fed pups!

5. An Akita Inu watches over her brood

6. One very happy family

7. A tired Husky mum and her sleeping puppies

8. A Pembroke Welsh Corgi strikes a pose beside her dozing litter

9. A very proud Bernese Bouvier

10. Making sure their little ones finish their meal

11. Golden Retrievers in selfie mode

12. A beautiful Pitbull family

13. A Dalmation mum shows off her litter of 12!

14. Dinnertime for this Irish Red Setter litter!

15. Just a Golden Retriever taking his pups for a walk...

16. This lovely family of Samoyeds

17. A Chow Chow whose puppies look like cuddly toys

18. A German Shepherd that needs some 'me time'

19. A Shar-Pei that can finally go to bed after a gruelling day