20 adorable photos of dogs proudly showing off their litters

Most people will agree that a litter of newborn puppies equals cuteness overload. Even if we're not dog owners, puppies still make us feel all fuzzy inside. And, as in this adorable series of photos, their parents are also extremely proud.

Illustration : "20 adorable photos of dogs proudly showing off their litters"

You can see their pride and their "look what I managed to do" faces. This is particularly true of female dogs that value their little ones more than anything else in the world and love to express their happiness.

So get ready to smile and check out these 20 photos of various breeds proudly showing off their puppies...

1. A mother who knows how to organise her little ones

2. That look in her eyes!

3. Happy with her 11-puppy litter

4. How many can you count?

5. Enjoying an afternoon nap

6. Outdoor playtime with their doting mum

7. A British Bulldog watches over her babies

8. One very patient Pitbull mum

9. Welcome to our home!

10. Striking a pose

11. Shhhh, don't wake them up!

12. A row of Corgis

13. A Mastiff making sure her brood gets home safely

14. Having a break while the kids eat

15. When they all want a cuddle at the same time

16. Asleep at last

17. A Golden Retriever taking her pups for a walk

18. Nothing better than a good meal!

19. Whatever it takes!

20. The pride of a mother introducing her puppies

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