20 dogs caught showing off their 'human side'

It looks like these dogs don't realise they're not human... Maybe they spend so much time with their human companions that they've picked up certain habits?

Illustration : "20 dogs caught showing off their 'human side'"

Here are 20 dogs that were caught showing off their 'human side'. And you must agree that they do a pretty good job!

1. A talented barber

2. Quick post-work pint

3. "Please knock before you enter..."

4. A Labrador Retriever checks its emails

5. Who said swings were just for kids?

6. When you walk a dog that walks a dog

7. Great Danes prefer to sit

8. A Shiba Inu that loves a glass of wine or two

9. A Beagle that likes the finer things in life

10. Just a Bernese Mountain Dog cruising around town...

11. The end of a very long day...

12. This Staffordshire Bull Terrier loves rocking horses!

13. This...

14. A Poodle patiently waits for its owner to return

15. Because Yorkshire Terrier's fit perfectly into car seats

16. Dying of thirst

17. A Shar Pei savouring the taste of its meal

18. About to nod off...

19. Easy rider!

20. When your Golden Retriever helps you answer the door

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