26 touching photos of kids with their dogs

It's always been said that "dog is man's best friend" and kids are no exception to the rule.

Illustration : "26 touching photos of kids with their dogs"

Dogs have a special relationship with humans, especially when it comes to our children. Known for being faithful furry friends, dogs naturally bond with little ones. A sense of complicity and a strong bond bring them together, as proved by these 26 touching snaps.

Between walks, hugs and naps, check out this adorable selection of little ones with their four-legged friend:

1. "Hey, what's going on?"

2. A budding Knight In Shining Armour on his faithful steed

3. Best friends forever

4. "So, where should we go today?"

5. 40 winks...

6. A gentle wake-up call

7. Hanging out on the couch

8. Someone needs a nappy change...

9. Friends enjoying a stroll

10. "Smile, we're on camera!"

11. While mum's away, the dog and kid will play

12. Big hug!

13. "Did you buy me a Christmas present?"

14. Face wash time!

15. "Don't worry, I've got your back!"

16. Sweet dreams

17. "Hey, I wanna play..."

18. Keeping guard

19. "Shhh, he's sleeping..."

20. "Say what?"

21. Mutual love

22. Cuteness overload

23. Heart-melting

24. "Hey, let's build a snowman..."

25. A bit too small to play ball

26. "Don't you dare wake him up!"

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