18 photos that remind us why dogs are man's best friend

Dogs are our most precious friends. They prove it every day in different ways. And if you need further proof, then check out these snaps!

Illustration : "18 photos that remind us why dogs are man's best friend"

Once you give a dog a home, you'll find it hard to live without him or her! They bring us so much on so many levels: affection, loyalty, sense of security...

They watch over us, comfort us and even save lives in certain circumstances.

It would take much more than this article to list all the great things about having a dog. So we've selected 18 photos that perfectly sum up why dogs are indeed "man's best friend"...

1. They are the best medicine in the world

2. They can guard anything!

3. They love hugs - with us and with their canine pals

4. They stay by our side when we're poorly, like this Labrador-Retriever beside a diabetic child

5. This British Bulldog may be taking a break, but as with all dogs, they encourage us to keep fit

6. They love a good road trip - this Bernese Mountain Dog is the perfect travel companion

7. They make us laugh without even trying!

8. They lift our spirits

9. They're always happy to help

10. They patiently wait for our return, even if it takes all day

11. Road trips apart, they also love hikes with their family!

12. They save lives like Kesley did for her dad, Bob

13. They have very strong maternal/paternal instincts

14. Need a babysitter?

15. ... and we're not just talking about human babies!

16. They're also excellent groomers

17. They're our No.1 fans

18. They are impossibly adorable!

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