19 signs that prove our dogs are the centre of our universe

When we adopt a pet, we welcome them as a new family member and dogs are no exception to the rule. The bond that develops between owner and dog goes well beyond your average frienship.

Illustration : "19 signs that prove our dogs are the centre of our universe"

The word "friendship" doesn't sum up the attachment we feel towards our dogs, and they give just as much back in return. Some dog owners will even say they love their dog as much as their family. The same kind of love that unites parents with their kids, for example.

Here are 19 signs that prove our dogs are the centre of our universe!

1. Your smartphone is packed with photos of your dog

2. You're happy to cancel plans so you can stay at home with your dog.

3. Your best cuddles are with your dog

4. Ditto for kisses (although a bit slobbery!)

5. This is your idea of the perfect meal

6. Family also means lots of dogs, we repeat, LOTS of dogs..

7. For you, your dog gives you more loving looks than any human being

8. You prefer to spend your weekends with your dog

9. There's nothing better than curling up in front of the TV with your beloved pooch

10. You don't care that your dog snores really loudly even if your family's snoring drives you crazy!

11. You and your dog do everything together.

12. Your dog is your favourite travel partner, no matter where you go

13. You don't care if your dog takes over your house/car/garden...

14. You organise your holidays around your dog

15. You can't imagine a future without your dog

16. There's nothing cuter in the world than your dog

17. Your dog will always be your BFF

18. You love every little sign of affection

19. People don't understand your bond and you couldn't care less!

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