25 photos of pets that prove 2 is the magic number!

Having a pet is great, but having two is even better, as the following selection proves! From catching them playing, getting up to mischief or showing off their destructive skills, you'll have to agree that there's never a dull moment when our furry friends start larking about!

Illustration : " 25 photos of pets that prove 2 is the magic number!"

Being a pet owner can be tough when we have to leave them home alone. Much as we want to be with our pets, our busy lives mean we can’t spend our days hanging out at with them. Which is why having two or more pets can provide the perfect solution! We can go about our days knowing that our pets have a play mate and a fellow animal to snuggle up with. And you'd be amazed at the friendships that are forged between animals...

So if you're undecided about adding to your animal entourage, have a browse through these snaps - they're sure to change your mind!

1. A bit of rough and tumble!

© tomatosss/pikabu

2. Yin and Yang

© 69261/reddit

3. A tight squeeze

© endstonegolem/reddit

4. Help the planet by saving water!

© LiveChic009 / reddit

5. Double cuddle!

© katrinkabuttlin/reddit

6. The perfect paw rest!

© XeniaGaze/reddit

7. Dogs and cushions...

© BeckyJacks/reddit

8. And it's not just dogs!

© GrimaldiJ/reddit

9. How could you not fall for these two?!

© ocoe10/reddit

10. All those beds and they choose a laundry basket!

© zwiebelxfee / reddit

11. Catch me if you can!

© LoveLikeHeLoves/reddit

12. Hitching a ride

© RunningPoohinator/imgur

13. Best friends forever!

© pphnx/imgur

14. "Shall I let him in or not?"

© Benn2882/reddit

15. The lap of luxury!

© Alecann/reddit

16. It's a dog's life!

© colebreeze23/reddit

17. When a cat and dog merge into one

© tuonni/reddit

18. Someone helped mow the lawn...

© azflat4 / reddit

19. Two very different personalities

© pineapple-1001 / reddit

20. Copy cat!

© iamkokonutz / reddit

21. Perfect symmetry!

© auteur inconnu / imgur

22. Just cruising around the neighbourhood

© avacadoandgreentea / reddit

23. Gone on, give us a kiss!

© jenibriated / reddit

24. Enjoying a well-earned nap!

© auteur inconnu / imgur

25. "Dare I move?"

© cowgrlbabe19 / reddit

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