20 dogs that look like tough guys, but are actually scaredy cats

You'd be surprised at some of the things that scare dogs. They reveal a sensitivity that makes them even more endearing.

Illustration : "20 dogs that look like tough guys, but are actually scaredy cats"

Our dogs are part of our family. In a lot of cases, we adopt a dog because they reassure and protect us. They are known for their courage, but this quality can be lacking in certain situations, some of which are totally unexpected.

Why a dog's afraid of a mouse or a kitten can be really puzzling.

If you don't believe us, check out these 20 dogs that were snapped at just the right time showing their scardey cat side, making them even more loveable in our eyes.

1. This dog is scared of thunder and his feline pal doesn't seem too happy either

2. A Dobermann reacts to seeing a mouse

3. Few dogs like trips to the vet's

4. A Welsh Corgi Pembroke terrified by a soft toy

5. For this dog car trips are torture

6. A Husky Siberian Husky scared by a photo of Julia Roberts

7. Vacuum cleaners, a dog's worst nightmare

8. This Bull Terrier hides whenever their owner mows the lawn

9. Freaking out when he hears a chainsaw

10. Place all paws on a wooden floor? Never!

11. Scared of walking back downhill

12. Dog vs highly dangerous duck

13. This Saint-Bernard has been scared by the sound of cats meowing

14. And you thought only cats were scared of zucchini

15. Spying on the cat, his lord and master

16. This Carlin is not impressed!

17. This dog avoids bridges and walkways at all costs

18. When your dog has a bird phobia

19. Sharks are really scary, even when they're just in a documentary

20. Even tiny dogs can scare the wits out of older ones!

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