25 photos of Samoyeds, gorgeous dogs that look like living teddy bears

The Samoyed is one of the Spitz breeds, with fluffy white fur that reminds us of polar bears. Apart from being loved for their appearance, they also have adorably playful characters.

Illustration : "25 photos of Samoyeds, gorgeous dogs that look like living teddy bears"

With their distinctive white coats, Samoyeds are cuter that cute and love nothing more than a good cuddle! Once used as a sled dog, this energy-packed breed has become a favourite pet in recent years, as proved in these 25 photos:

1. Guarding the car

2. Covered in kisses

3. Cuteness overload

4. Just cooling down

5. Because dogs also love swings

6. Trying to look innocent

7. 5 dollops of dog

8. Too tired to walk home

9. Loving his 'toothpick'

10. A master of camouflage

11. Preparing for bath time

12. Imagine having to deal with these at bath time

13. "Yes, I know I'm cute!"

14. Kissing mum goodnight?

15. "We're hungry!!!"

16. Sleeping Beauty

17. Like father, like son

18. Carpool karaoke!

19. The best way to fall asleep

20. "Is that a polar bear or a dog in your living room?"

21. Enjoying a shopping trip

22. Springtime selfie!

23. Dinner is served

24. He loves his little brother

25. Demon eyes, but cute ones all the same!

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