An abandoned dog desperately tries to get back into its owner's car (video)

In England, a CCTV camera recorded some footage that deeply upset animal-lovers all over the world. The video shows a dog that, having been abandoned by its owner, desperately runs after the fleeing car. Fortunately the poor animal was saved by the RSPCA.

Illustration : "An abandoned dog desperately tries to get back into its owner's car (video)"

This CCTV video is nothing short of heart-breaking. This event took place in Stoke-on-Trent in England just before Christmas - at 5pm on Monday, 17th December.

In the video you can clearly see a man get out of his car, deposit the dog and his bed before running back to his car, leaving behind the poor pooch. He waited until the black and white Staffordshire Bull Terrier was distracted before legging it back to his car. The dog, seen wagging its tail, tries to get back into the car, probably thinking it's game, but to no avail. The driver had shut the doors and began to drive off.

An hour later, a passerby discovered the dog sitting on his bed. The RSPCA was immediately informed. It was their Southwater-based office that published this video. They set out to investigate and learned that Snoop (his new name) had had two previous owners, but that they had absolutely nothing to do with this heinous act. As the dog had a microchip, they were able to trace its history up to that point.

The RSPCA confirmed that Snoop was being looked after in a shelter and that he's a lovely dog. They now hope to find him a forever home. At the same time, they're asking for witnesses to come forward so that they can identify the man responsible for this crime.

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