An owner abandoned their dog at a groomer's, but thankfully this story has a happy ending!

Posted on 03/01/2019 à 23h27

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Illustration : "An owner abandoned their dog at a groomer's, but thankfully this story has a happy ending!" © Facebook Canine To Five

One day a man turned up at a groomer's and asked them to groom and clip the claws of his tatty-looking pooch. He suddenly said he'd forgotten his wallet - a pretext used to flee the salon and abandon the poor animal. Luckily, the groomer gave the dog a well-earned chance to find happiness!

Dog groomers, Canine To Five in Detroit, recently found an abandoned dog on their hands. The owner of a Pitbull-Boxer had brought his dog in for a bath and claw-clipping. The owner pretended to have forgotten his wallet and left the salon, never to return. The salon staff immediately saw how timid, flea-ridden and malnourished the dog was.

As reported by Fox News, Liz Blondy, the salon's manager, described the dog's condition. The dog weighed 7kg less than he does today and was clearly scared to death. The salon's Facebook page posted that an employee was taking care of the poor animal. She took him home and fed him for 3 weeks. She also managed to calm the dog and build up his confidence.

Whoever adopts Debo will get 10 free days of daycare

The Facebook post included a detailed description of Debo in the aim of finding him a loving forever home. A family who will appreciate his love of people. What's more, Debo's vaccinations were up to date. And, in case a cat owner was interested, he gets on really well with the salon's 3 cats!

By way of a thank you, Liz Blondy offered 10 days of free daycare in the salon's 3 outlets to whoever adopted this adorable dog. And thanks to their care, Debo has found a family and moved on to the next stage in his life. According to Canine To Five, this once sad, lonely pooch has become a happy dog, surrounded by love.

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