Abandoned due to his old age, this adorable dog is hoping to find a loving family

Posted on 28/05/2018 à 17h10

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Illustration : "Abandoned due to his old age, this adorable dog is hoping to find a loving family" © The Dodo

This 10 year-old dog was left at a shelter by his former family. They said he was too old and not active enough. But they couldn't have been more wrong, as the shelter's staff soon discovered! An attentive, sweet and endearing pooch.

If it hadn't been for a large shelter in Texas (United States), Rocky may have been put down. His family decided he was too old to keep and took him to a Texan shelter. They even said he should be put to sleep because he was no longer of any use! Thankfully the shelter refused to do such a thing.

Rocky was timid to begin with and probably thought his family would come back for him, but he quickly began to show his loving side. He became more outgoing and the trauma of being abandoned seemed to fade. His foster mum, Kathy Fridley, told The Dodo "He most likely just sat there patiently waiting for his family to return, having no idea they weren't coming back."

The shelter staff saw that Rocky needed some veterinary treatment to deal with allergies, dermatitis caused by fleas and a heartworm. He also needed fattening up as the shelter's volunteers and staff realised he was under weight. So, he was transferred to the Shenandoah Shepherd Rescue facility in Virginia. And it was there that he received all the medical care he needed. He also learned to once more enjoy life!

A really sweet dog, who doesn't bark

Rocky is the sweetest, gentlest dog. I have not heard him bark, he has not chewed up anything, and he never has accidents in the house," continues Kathy. “He is so grateful when people take a minute and pet him. He just leans into you to absorb all the love. Rocky has had so little kindness shown to him in his life, he asks for nothing." An easy-going and loving pet!

Despite his advanced age, Rocky's full of energy. He loves learning new commands and playing games. He's a bundle of joy. He adores walks and family activities. He's calm and incredibly gentle. "He wants to explore and see new things," says Kathy. Kathy is now trying to find him a permanent home. So the search is on for a family with whom Rocky can enjoy his twilight years. "I'd like to find a family who realizes just how special he is."

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