'Mission Complete', the tear-jerking photo of Sully, President Bush's loving and faithful service dog

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Illustration : "'Mission Complete', the tear-jerking photo of Sully, President Bush's loving and faithful service dog" © Twitter Jim McGrath

Sully lost more than her president. The day George Bush died she lost a friend and companion, and joined millions in mourning his passing. And if proof were needed, this heart-breaking photo has taken the internet by storm, as animal-lovers around the world admire this amazing dog's love and loyalty towards her deceased master.

George Bush, 41st president of the USA, died on 30th November at the grand old age of 94. His passing was announced by his George W. Bush, who was also once America's head of state. While the States went into mourning, so did his family and much-loved service dog, Sully.

Sully, was Bush's Labrador. But she was more than just a friend! As a service dog, she helped the former president deal with his Parkinsons Disease, a job that resulted in the two forming a very deep bond... A bond that can be instantly seen in this extremely touching photo!

Off to help disabled military veterans and first responders

This photo was snapped by Jim McGrath, a representative of the Bush family. You can see Sully lying in front of Georges Bush's coffin. The caption is short: 'Mission Complete' and, yes, Sully s’ latest mission is over. She was present for the funeral and will now move onto new pastures.

According to NBC, this loyal Labrador is going to join VetDogs, an organisation that provides service dogs to disabled veterans and first responders. In honour of Sully's loyalty and hard work, Bush's son, George W. Bush, said "As much as our family is going to miss this dog, we're comforted to know he'll bring the same joy to his new home, Walter Reed, as he brought to 41."

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