An adorable female stray dog that became a life-saving heroine!

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Way is a female stray dog that lived in the streets of Buenos Aires in Argentina. She was never neutered so inevitably gave birth to a litter that she needed to feed. One chilly day in July - a winter month in Argentina - she had to desperately scour for food to feed her growing brood, but then something nothing short of incredible happened...

Animal rescue stories reduce lots of us to tears, even if there's a happy ending. But every now and then, it's animals that come to the rescue of humans rather than vice versa and Way's story is proof of their heroic actions! This adorable stray has a heart of gold and deserves to be adopted by a loving family!

Way often roamed the streets of Buenos Aires and was finding it hard to feed her litter, let alone herself. Argentinian winters are harsh and her maternal instinct drove her to do anything to prevent her pups from dying from hunger or hypothermia.

One day Way headed down an alleyway where she stumbled upon an abandoned new-born baby. The baby was facing a certain death and that's when Way did something mind-blowing! She ran back to her puppies and, one by one, carried them back to the baby. Once she'd cozied them up beside the baby, she then lay alongside her canine/human brood to protect them all from the biting cold.

One morning a local resident called Alejandria Griffin heard strange cries coming the alleyway. She decided to investigate and was stunned to see a tiny baby curled up next to Way, surrounded by the puppies.

Alejandria immediately called the emergency services, who quickly arrived at the scene and took the baby to Melchor Romero Hospital. Medical staff named the new-born Santino and although he had some superficial scratches and oral bleeding, this little guy was in surprisingly good health. According to the hospital's director, Dr. Egidio Melia, he wouldn't have survived for more than a few hours had Way not intervened!

Daniel Salcedo, head of the Buenos Aires police force, said “She took it like a puppy and rescued it. The doctors told us if she hadn’t done this, he would have died. The dog is a hero to us.”

The police managed to track down Santino's mum, who lived in Buenos Aires. She was 33 years old and already a mother to 8 children. She was arrested for having abandoned her baby - something that's been known to happen in Argentina. Indeed in 2008, a new-born was abandoned by his 14 year-old mother and was saved by a female dog called La China! (video).

As for Way, she was rescued and taken to a refuge along with her litter. Latest news is that this wonderful dog and her pups are in really good health; we're sure that they'll soon be adopted and be given the loving home they deserve!

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