12 things that owners do which drive their dogs crazy

Cuddling your dog, ruffling its head by way of a thank you, praising it, smothering it with kisses... all signs of how much we love our four-legged friend. But does your dog actually like it? Your beloved pooch may love you, but your behaviour is becoming annoying and it's not sure how to get the message across.

Illustration : "12 things that owners do which drive their dogs crazy"

So, here are some tips... Learn more about the do's and don'ts when it comes to dealing with your dog!

1. Hugging your dog

We hug our dogs because we love them. But some dogs hate it because it can be interpreted as a sign of domination.

2. Make gestures and talk at the same time

Our dogs may not always understand our words. If you then throw in body language, you'll end up confusing your dog even more.

3. Pat its head

We may think it's a sign of affection, but your dog may not agree.

4. Maintaining eye contact

This probably isn't a problem with your pet dog. But you shouldn't maintain eye contact with a dog you don't know. This could cause an aggressive backlash.

5. Laying down the law

This is all about training. Dogs need to learn certain limits and certain daily routines. If left untrained, your home could descend into chaos.

6. Avoid long leashes

In order to control your dog's behaviour and reactions, it's better to keep it on a tighter lead when going for walks.

7. Let them enjoy the outside world

Let your dog enjoy the great outdoors. Let it snif and explore the world around it. It'll help your dog become more sociable too.

8. Don't force your dog upon other dogs

If your dog doesn't want to make friends with another dog, it'll let you know soon enough. Don't force it upon other dogs - if you do so, it could become agressive.

9. Try to stay calm!

Your dog can sense your emotions. It'll not only pick up on, but also reflect your emotional state. If you're anxious, your dog may well follow suit. Whatever the circumstances, try to be as cool as a cucumber. Your dog will mellow down too.

10. Don't let your dog get bored

Your dog needs to have fun. It needs to be entertained. It may take a bit of imagination, but playtime is really important.

11. Don't expose your dog to strong smells

Dogs have a far better sense of smell than humans. Indeed, their sense of smell is 10,000 stronger than ours. This means strong odours will have a far greater effect on their acute sense of smell.

12. Bathing your dog

Some dogs enjoy baths... But the majority don't! Avoid long soaks in the bath. If you do bathe your dog, put an anti-slip mat in the bath as this will help your dog to feel 'grounded'.

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